History of Woof & MEGAWOOF!

MEGAWOOF! The Concept

Music is the key to MEGAWOOF!

History SectionThe MEGAWOOF! sound can be described as an intelligent and uplifting journey through the different flavours of house music,ranging from Disco/funky house to vocal, tribal. progressive and anthemic house, with the emphasis on finding quality tracks and not playing the obvious.

MEGAWOOF! has its own hand picked bar staff in addition to the venue bar staff to encourage people to feel ‘at home’ and to make people more comfortable at the bars.

Other key features of the club include the unique and carefully thought out video projections, which are played live, and in time with the music.

MEGAWOOF! is unique on the gay scene in that the Promoter is are also on of the main DJ’s on the night. Daz Saund and other Megawoof! dj’s include. David Eph, Pagano,

Deep Wolf, Jo Public, Jon Butler, Severino, SugaBear, T-Bear. Guest spots have included DJ’s from Italy & France ( Mehdi ) DJ Ted Eiel from Chicago to name a few.



Woof! began as a one off party in March 2003, and rapidly evolved into a once a week Sunday night social. Its crowd started out focused on the thriving London “Bear” scene but evolved into a general men only club with a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the Lifthouse Venue in Smithfield’s, EC1.

History Section 1For Mardi Gras 2003, Woof! filled the Crash venue for the first Megawoof! party as it was obvious from other big nights, that the Lifthouse was too small a venue and there was pent up demand. With a surprise PA from Ultranaté

Woof! was written about all round the globe as the start of a new trend in clubbing, based on a developing over 25’s scene and the promoters were pictured in the UK “Face” magazine with Woof! in the #1 slot of “Ins and Outs”.

Late Autumn 2003 Turnmills approached Woof! and offered a late night Saturday slot to the club. In December 2003 the first After hours MEGAWOOF! was held at Turnmills and was a resounding success, this was swiftly followed by an early January MEGAWOOF!. once again a big Success.

February 2004 – MEGAWOOF! Secured the prime 10pm-6am Saturday night slot at Crash for the first Sat of every month and caused a huge stir on the scene with a venue absolutely rammed to capacity and diverse and friendly crowd.

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MEGAWOOF! was firmly based in its new home at Crash and is the biggest independent night held there each month. Clubbers fly in to London especially for MEGAWOOF! From destinations around the world including Sweden, Finland, Germany, Belgium, USA, Spain, Switzerland, France and the USA.

From February 2005, MEGAWOOF! opened its doors in Manchester with a new monthly night, the MEGAWOOF! Northern Funksta. This has been a great success and described as a ‘breath of fresh air’ to the Manchester scene.

With London, Manchester and an international event booked nearly every month, 2005 is a very busy year for the club.

MEGAWOOF! celebrated it’s 2nd Birthday on Saturday 2nd April 2005 with a huge crowd in attendance.

MEGAWOOF! has hosted and co-hosted events, in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cologne & Manchester.

History Section 4The MEGAWOOF! brand has become synonymous with Cutting Edge Dance Music, A friendly and up for it crowd, and innovation with many ideas being copied across the London scene and recently abroad.

MEGAWOOF! scheduled to appear in San Francisco late Summer 2004 at the LazyBearWeekend where over 5000 bears and admirers descend on the small resort of Guerneville for 5 days of fun and frolics in the sun.

MEGAWOOF! will also be hosting the outdoor stage at the Hairrison Bear Street Festival in San Francisco in August.






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